Kris Lüdi

Kris Lüdi is based in Zurich, Switzerland. His taste and aesthetic stems from his interest in unique compositions and refreshing ideas which can be seen in all of his work. His approach to film making is considered, contemporary and it's clearly obvious that he has spent the majority of his life behind the lens. Kris has an energy and enthusiasm towards all his projects and no matter the subject, he always works out a way to create something special.


Animals is David Bertschinger Karg and Tobias Bonfanti. They split their time between London and Zurich and direct as a duo to merge individual quality and taste.
Two complementary approaches combined together to create a finessed style for every visual project. Tobias' excitement for big and vibrant pictures and David's flair for subtle, fun and authentic content is highly visible in their work.

Adidas – New Babylon
Arosa Lenzerheide
annabelle – Black
Len Sander – Another Man
TOMPAUL - Gloves
Reebok – JJ Watt –  Hunt Greatness Part 1
Hotelplan – Jeune & Sauvage
Who’s Panda – Quiet Man
Through Clouds and Water
Schulthess – Viel einfacher
Project Detour
Migros – Freude am Geschmack
Coke Zero – Say What?
Blackball – Iouri Podladtchikov
Sprüngli – Voyage
Hotelplan – Travel Stories
Calanda – Nino Schurter
Laskaar – Echo
Raiffeisen TWINT
Adidas – A to Z of Football
In Time. A Reflection on the End of our Youth.
Lea Lu – Game Over
WE ARE HILLTON – Card On Phone
Blackball – Mehr mit
Audemars Piguet: Royal Oak Concept Supersonnerie
Threema – Seriously secure messaging
Julian Zigerli – Point fingers and call names
Grace – Patrick Seabase
Basement Saints - Faith
Desillusion Magazine – A morphine daydream
The Bubble
STF – Das sind wir
Liricas Analas - Discosissis
These Kids Are Our Future – Funsepa
Robert Rushkin  – The Artist