Ride Bindings - SVDM

Ride Bindings - SVDM

Commercial for Ride Bindings consisting of footage from the upcoming short film CHROMA.

Director: Jannis Davi
DOP: Willem Jones

Production: HILLTON
Producer: David Bertschinger Karg

Editor: Jannis Davi
Colorist: Samuel Muff
Gradingstudio: Slaughterhouse Zurich
Music: Pablo Nouvelle
Sounddesign & Mix: Jingle Jungle

Jannis Davi


At a remarkably young age, Jannis begins to accompany his clique of friends with a DV camera, filming carefree and developing a sense for real life film moments. Ever since, Jannis has settled into the world of filmmaking at a rapid pace, combining aspects that are extremely rare to find: youthful nonchalance and professional craft.
In other words, living and understanding contemporary youth culture in all its facets and crafting films from it with the elaborate handwriting of an adult.