Mikks - Pool-Life

Mikks - Pool-Life

Director: Lasse Linder
DOP: Robin Angst

Client: Mikks

Production: HILLTON
Producer: Carlo Esposito

Gaffers: Daniel Bleuer & Nino Michel
1 AC: Ian Scissors
Grip: Taffy Oyewusi
Set Design: Sinah Bucheli
Styling: Alexandra Rüegg & Lea Kalfus
Hair & Makeup: Viviane Saner
Editor: Lasse Linder
Music Composition: Pablo Nouvelle
Sound Design & Mix: Jingle Jungle
Storyboard: Daniel O'Donnell-Smith
Colorist: Samuel Muff

Barkeeper: Mindaugas Matulis
Poolboy: Jonathan Steiger
Trainer: Romy Raskovic
Aquafit-Group: Aquafit Zürich
Swimmers: Showteam LNZ
Influencer: Maya Ellerkmann
Influencer: Severin Hallauer
Senior: Deborah Adler
Senior: Daniel Schmid

Swimsuits: Roundrivers

Lasse Linder


The young Swiss/Swedish film maker has a unique sense for people’s peculiarities and knows how to bring them to the screen in an honest and pure way. His work blurs the lines between documentary and fiction and often studies the lives of people who are trying to find their place in the world. His short film ALL CATS ARE GREY IN THE DARK has gotten worldwide attention including winning the European Film Award for Best Short Film.