SSENSE, 2018
New SSENSE headquarters in Montreal, Canada. Built by David Chipperfield Architects
Art Direction: Matthew Tsang, Production: Jezebel Leblanc-Thouin, Assistants: Don Loga & Frederik Robitaille

Sirens of Lesbos, 2020
Album Cover (LP Vinyl and digital album), press photos and social media content

UNIQLO, 2021
Uniqlo RF Campaign Image

Headlights I, 2010
100 x 150 cm
Exhibitions: Kunsthaus Zurich, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Centro Cultural, Buenos Aires, Leasplan, Amsterdam & more

Production Still, Nadège and broken glass table, 2021

Damelove + Präsens Editionen, 2020
press photos, visual medley, teasers and content for social media

Julia Seemann x Ramon Hungerbühler, 2017
SS17 photo & video
Concept: Johnny Graf & Dominik Hodel
Photography: Dominik Hodel
DOP: Kevin Rodriguez
Edit: Mirjam Zimmermann
Sound Design: Simeon Sigg
Model: Luna Mira Alldinger, Wilhelmina
H&M: Eva Bühler

Dominik Hodel


Dominik is a photographer who does not shy away from putting his conceptual thoughts into commercial context. In fact, it is a conscious interference within the commercial image world and an abandonment of the boundaries between commercial and conceptual photography. His main focus is the circulation of imagery and the increasing medialization of everyday life.
Besides collaborations with brands like BMW, SSENSE or SWISS, exhibitions at Kunsthalle Zürich, Fotomuseum Winterthur or City Hall in San Francisco, Dominik lectures at the F+F School of Art and Design in the field of photography.